Drum Collector is a repository of info and sample packs of analog drum machines or discontinued PCM machines, no longer available for purchase. The original copyright holders and manufacturers retain their rights and Drum Collector does not make any claims of ownership.

Drum machines fall into a grey area, they’re musical instrument so should have no restrictions on their use. However, some can contain copyrighted pre-recorded sounds in PCM or other formats. The brands behind these want to retain control over their I.P. and we are happy to remove trademarks at their request.

Its important to state this site is for reference only and that samples will never sound like the real thing. Most sounds are heavily cleaned, isolated and processed compared to the raw sources. Analog circuits are variable and sounds will change from machine to machine.

Images, gathered from public domain sources. This is not always reliable however, original content owners are welcome to make requests and they will be honoured.

We’re here to provide information and history of our true love, the drum machinery of the past.