Boss DR-220e Dr. Rhythm

A super compact and portable drum machine manufactured by Boss in 1987. The DR-220e is the electronic version with more synthetic sounds. Made to be accessible for aspiring producers but still made that 80s sound.

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There were two versions of the DR-220 released by Boss :

  • the “DR220e” with an Electronic-oriented drum sample focus.
  • the “DR220a” with Acoustic sounding drum samples

To start, some people love the DR-220 line and others absolutely hate it. For me, I love the quirky somewhat awkward sounds. You always need these type of sounds stand out from the crowds of other producers. These samples have that extra grit because they’re all 12-bit PCM samples and despite that they don’t lack punch. So this retro sound is best mixed and matched for a truly authentic 80s soundscape for today.


  • 16 Buttons and 12 pads (not velocity sensitive).


  • Mono main output.
  • Headphones output.
  • Trigger I/O (pulse +5V) Input.
  • Originally the machine came with a plastic silver case.


3 Kick Drums
3 Snare Drums
3 Crash Cymbals
3 Ride Cymbals
3 Cowbells
6 HiHats (3 Open, 3 Closed)
3 Rimshots
12 Toms (4 High, 4 Medium, 4 Low)
3 Claps

Download Size

2.6 MB Zipped



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