Maestro Rhythm King MRK-4

Another Rhythm King! This is 4th version of Maestro’s Rhythm Kings. The MRK-4 Drum Machine is beautiful in side and out built similar to organs of the time and used tuned tanks just like the TR-77 with some unique modulation features.

This analogue drum machine used inductor coils or “tuned tanks” similar to the Korg Mini-Pops and Roland TR-77. The modulator section is key to this unit and sets it apart from other drum machines of the era. You could connect a sound source to the rear modulator input and then that input is triggered by the Rhythm King’ beat.

There are 10 sounds and 16 rhythms plus an intro/break feature. The rhythms can be combined as is typical with these older ‘diode matrix’ rhythm units. The two cymbal sounds have various decay amounts depending on the rhythms chosen ranging from a short maracas type sound to open high-hat. This is a heavy unit in tolex.”

Released  1975
Programs 16 Rhythms
Controls Volume, Depth, Balance, Tempo, Intro and Start, On/Off
Output 1/4″ Phono Jack, Male
Foot Switch 1/4″ Phono Jack, Female

Maestro MRK-4 Beauty Shot



4 Kick Drums
4 Snare Drums
14 HiHats (Various Lengths)
3 Clave
19 Cymbals (2 open, 2 Choke)
4 Tom Drums
7 Rimshots
4 Tambourines
4 Blocks
4 Bongos

Size 14 MB Zipped

Download – Maestro Rhythm King MRK-4

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